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Secchia Grove

The Secchia Millennium Commission was appointed by Kent County and the City of Grand Rapids to celebrate the year 2000 with various festivities and activities. The primary mission of the Commission became the designation of a major project to benefit future generations of Kent County residents. The park project was selected and named Millennium Park by the Kent County Board of Commissioners.

The Secchia Millennium Commission made a commitment to raise $2 million by Earth Day in April 2001. Peter Secchia, Campaign Chair Dan Gaydou and Chair Heacock led the fundraising effort and over $3.7 million was raised by the Earth Day deadline.

The Founding Values Initiative is working with the Arbor Day Foundation to start the Secchia Grove in Millennium Park.

Each year a tree will be planted in honor of the award recipient.

Please consider supporting this effort by contacting us at

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Map of the plan for Secchia Grove. Click to enlarge picture.


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