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The Founding Values Initiative
is a 527 nonprofit which supports the founding values exemplified by Gerald R. Ford. We raise funding for awards and scholarships to support those who exemplify the values we want to encourage and continue.

Following are the awards and the criteria by which awardees are chosen:

  • Congressman Paul Henry
    Integrity Award

    A man of high integrity who demonstrated this by his actions, leading by example. He showed by example how to maintain integrity in the political world.

    Hence, he represents the Integrity Award:
    A person who exemplifies continued commitment to principles of integrity through transparency in public service.

    Winners will be awarded scholarships to Calvin College and to Grand Valley State University. More--
  • Ambassador Peter Secchia
    Heartfelt Commitment Award

    A man of action and generosity. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that he gives back to our community. He is a man who has given to the community from his heart.

    Therefore the Heartfelt Commitment Award is named for him:
    A community activist who through commitment and enthusiasm moves others to action.

    Winners will receive a scholarship to Cornerstone University and a gift will be donated to Millennium Park. More--
  • Congressman Hal Sawyer
    Justice Award

    A renowned lawyer with undeniable respect. He took on the job of prosecuting attorney for $1, and then raised the bar for action, fairness and the highest ethical standards. He demanded fairness and justice for all. He then went on to become the congressman from the 5th district to further these goals nationally.

    Therefore the Justice Award is named for him:
    A person who acts within the judicial system to promote respect for a government of laws.

    Winners will receive scholarships to Grand Rapids Community College and Aquinas College. More--
  • Gerald R. Ford Appreciation Award
    President Ford, the 38th president of the United States, was a man of Integrity, Heartfelt Commitment and Justice.

    The Gerald R. Ford Appreciation Award is presented only when someone has publicly demonstrated true love and appreciation of President Gerald R. Ford and his values.

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Secchia Grove

A tree will be planted at Millennium Park in honor of each award recipient.

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Honor Roll

Congressman Paul Henry Integrity Award
Congressman Vern Ehlers
Sen. Bill Hardiman (2006)
Ambassador Peter Secchia Heartfelt Commitment Award
Mary Ann Keeler (2007)
Mike Jandernoa (2006)
Congressman Hal Sawyer Justice Award
Rep. Bill VanRegenmorter (2007)
Grand Rapids Police Chief Harry Dolan (2006)

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